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3D Plates

The 3D Plate style is all about making a statement with the numbers mounted out from the plate, allowing them to cast shadows of themselves back onto the plate.

The complete plate really stands out from your basic house number and sets the tone for the building it is attached to.

The numbers are mounted standing 20mm out from the plate while the street name is either attached to the surface of the aluminium backing or we cut the into the aluminium and highlight them with matt black acrylic to match the numbers. The plates when mounted to a wall / fence also stand out 20mm giving them an extra depth feature.

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Plate Material

  • Brushed Aluminium


  • 6mm thick Matt Black


  • 15 Fonts Available


  • All fittings and instructions supplied

We only make House Numbers & Letterboxes so all of our products and materials are selected based on their ability to survive in harsh sea side locations and to stand up to prolonged UV sunlight exposure. Numbers are our business and we have rejected a large amount of materials that simply didn’t maintain there looks after a few years exposed to the extremes of weather.

Installation Instructions

Easy detailed instructions on how to attach the House Number Plates


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Why we use Aluminium and not Stainless Steel

Everybody thinks Stainless Steel is best for Coastal / Beachside locations, here we explain why we prefer Aluminium for a longer life and less maintenance.