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Glass Look Plates

(Slumped Acrylic)


Note: We are no longer making these plates for individual orders.

If you have a project requiring a quantity of plates, please contact us:

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In the Set In Slumped Acrylic style we use a fantastic glass look material called Slumped Acrylic.
The reason we use this material is that it has up to 10 times the impact resistance to that of glass, so for things like stones of lawnmowers, or kids playing ball sports, you will at worst only end up with a scratch compared to a shattered piece if it were actually glass.
This material has excellent UV inhibitors added to it to make it last the distance. We have had this material installed all over Australia for the last 12 years without any instances of deterioration.

These Glass Look Plates have the shape of the numbers / letters machined into the face of the Slumped Acrylic itself. This provides a flat surface to attach the actual numbers / letters as the Slumped Acrylic has both a texture and a wave pattern running randomly through it. This means that no 2 plates are ever exactly the same, we then go the extra distance as we do with all of our numbers and physically cut the numbers / letters out of a solid sheet of material. We then set them into the previously machined Slumped Acrylic, we never simply paint or use vinyl for the number / letters.

The plates when mounted to a wall / fence also stand out 20mm giving them an extra depth feature.

Plate Material

  • Clear Slumped Acrylic
  • 9 Coloured Slumped Acrylic Options


  • 6mm thick Matt Black
  • 4mm thick Brushed Aluminium


  • 15 Fonts Available


All fittings and instructions supplied

We only make House Numbers &Letterboxes so all of our products and materials are selected based on their ability to survive in harsh sea side locations and to stand up to prolonged UV sunlight exposure. Numbers are our business and we have rejected a large amount of materials that simply didn’t maintain there looks after a few years exposed to the extremes of weather.


Installation Instructions for Clear Slumped Acrylic

Easy detailed instructions on how to attach the Slumped Acrylic Number Plates

Installation Instructions for Coloured Slumped Acrylic

Easy detailed instructions on how to attach the Slumped Acrylic Number Plates


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