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Mountain Letterbox

(Fences / Walls / Posts) Price from $325 with no number. Number only $370. Custom Number & Street name $415


Currently only available in a Satin White, or Cherry Wood finish.

Mountain Letterbox animation

Currently only available in a Satin White, or Cherry Wood finish.

One of our most popular letterboxes, the Mountain range is available as a “Landscape” version 400mm wide x 300mm high x 100mm deep. or a narrow “Portrait” version 300mm wide x 400mm high x 100mm deep. Which is handy if you need to mount it on a Column or Timber Post.

Now available with backlighting, powered by a solar panel

Email us for information on this option info@bobject.com.au

We offer you the choice when ordering of having the mail door (which also incorporates the mail flap) fitted to either the left or right side of the box, which allows easy access for anywhere you want to mount your letterbox . This feature also allows them to be stacked or fitted side by side for buildings with multiple residences.

These letterboxes are wrapped up in a nice slimline package only 100mm deep, so they don’t protrude out far, yet amazingly they can hold several A4 size magazines, and most importantly they will keep your mail dry and secure, .

They are super easy to install, and can be attached to any solid wall, while also being able to be mounted on fences with either horizontal or vertical rails. Other places they are often installed include sleepers and rocks. All instructions and fittings are supplied including the template to drill the mounting holes.

If you want the option of your numbers and also your street name added we will cut them through the actual face of the letterbox and then install an alternate colour plate behind and seal it in place.

The Junk Mail option has the same profile as either the Portrait or Landscape Letterbox but comes as a separate section so it can be installed in an alternate position if there is limited space under the Letterbox

Proudly Designed and Built by us (BoBject) here in Currumbin on the Gold Coast for Australian conditions.  We guarantee that they won’t rust ever.