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Welcome to BoBject

Yes, we were previously called Numbers1.com.

But like all businesses we needed to evolve and create new and exciting products, like our new Parcel Box range.

Numbers1.com was solely about house numbers, now while we still make awesome House Numbers they are not our sole focus.

So what the hell does BoBject mean you ask, well we needed a name that wouldn’t be confused with anybody or any business so we had to make our own (just like we do with all our products).

The answer is simple, BoBject is short for Building Object.

Don’t worry, we are the same friendly people, with the same fantastic customer service.

Have a look at all our Numbers and Letter/Parcel Boxes. If you are confused what will work best for you, give us a call on 1300 88 1211 and let us help you over the phone.