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Our Story

Starting out in 2005, we were originally called Numbers1.com.

We first made house numbers from aluminium mounted on pieces of granite and sandstone.

They looked awesome, but were too heavy & fragile to effectively ship around the country, so we stopped manufacturing them.

We got smart and decided to ditch the stone to go with glass, but not actual glass. We started using a beautiful material called Slumped Acrylic, which is UV stable, and has 10 times the strength to that of glass, but looks exactly like glass.

For customers who come to our factory, we often demonstrate the toughness of the Slumped Acrylic, by throwing a piece onto the concrete floor.

At the same time we introduced the Slumped Acrylic, we started using Brushed Aluminium as the Brushed Metal look started becoming very popular.

For details about why we use Aluminium instead of Stainless Steel.  Click here

When we started the business we made a conscious decision that we are in the business of making products that are going to be permanently fitted outside in full sun, rain, & even snow. Yes snow as shown here from one of our customers who lives in Canada.

So we now only use materials that last without rusting, fading and that do not require any maintenance, apart from a hose down now and then. Lets face it most people are not going to go and polish a house number, those that do we salute you because we know we wouldn’t.

While this initially limited what finishes we could offer technology is advancing, and we now have a range of finish choices that are durable and finally meet our initial criteria of longevity.

So now on to our latest phase.

We have transformed Numbers1.com into BoBject as we move into producing our own range of letterboxes with their own special features.

So please stay tuned (Like our facebook page for our updates) or follow us on Instagram, if for nothing other than your own curiosity as to what we are up to next.


Cheers from the crew at BoBject.