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Timber DIY Letter – Parcel Boxes

The Combination of the Timber Sleepers and and the Aluminium Letterboxes make for a real eye catching feature.

We love the look of these, but unless you live on the Gold Coast where you can call in to our factory and pick them up, we couldn’t find a way to realistically ship them to you, given the size and weight of the Sleepers. Buttt…. then we figured that if we just ship you the Aluminium box that is designed to work with these Sleepers, then a lot of you could quite easily grab the sleepers from your local hardware store and with some guidance and a template from us you will be able to quite easily achieve the same or an even better look.

Depending on the colour scheme of your house you could paint the sleepers to suit, to pull them into the overall look of the property, or leave them natural where they will eventually take on a nice rustic weathered grey wood tone, which contrasts beautifully with the modern look of the Aluminium Box.

Cliff Letterbox on Timber Sleeper

The Single Timber Sleeper combined with our modified Aluminium Cliff Letterbox  really creates a fantastic feature with all the different angles and the 2 different materials all coming together to create a bit of a sculpture

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Mountain Letter – Parcel Box on Timber

The stepped Double Sleepers in this style make for a monument effect that takes your letterbox to a whole new level.


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