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Short version

We will warranty all products for all defects except vandalism, for 2 years from date of purchase.
Email us with a photo and description of the problem to info@bobject.com.au
We will replace the part or the complete product at no cost to you.

In depth version

First off we guarantee our Letterboxes and House Numbers will not rust, ever.
How can we say that, well they are made from aluminium.
Aluminium does not rust, but yes aluminium can sometimes weather and become dull, but the aluminium material we use has either been anodized or has a very high tech form of coating called PVDF protecting it.
Some of our products have been installed at waterfront and beachside locations for over 10 years now, with no visible signs of deterioration.

We give a 2 year warranty on all products for defects.
What is a defect you ask, well a defect to us means that it arrives in a damaged state as a result of the freighting process, or it doesn’t work as it is intended upon arrival.
Also as we are sometimes human and not the super beings we imagine ourselves to be we stuff up and send you the wrong selection. This generally happens only when there is a Solar eclipse, not sure why, maybe the link between us being super beings and the power of the sun, but thankfully this only occurs between 2 – 4 times a year.

What happens if your product has a defect?
On the rare occasion that there is a problem, please email info@bobject.com.au as soon as possible, with a photo and description of the problem to help us identify what has happened. If you need reassurance that we are real and that we will help you with the problem please give us a call on our Toll free number 1300 88 1211.
If there is a part that can be replaced we will ship it to you. If we cannot change the part we will replace the whole product including shipping it to you at no further cost to you.
All products are designed and built by us in Australia at our Currumbin factory.
We know the products intimately and we care about there look and function. We are not saying that they are perfect, but we have extremely high quality control, and strive to make them as good as possible. This includes identifying problems that we were not aware of and making sure they don’t happen again.
Understandably we do not cover damage inflicted by vandalism, but we will work with you to solve any vandalism issues at the least expense to you that we can manage.